Office Olympic themed games

The excitement is building for next years Olympic Games in London and in celebration we have numerous fresh and original events and activities to help you capitalise on this momentous occasion. In or outdoor the possibilities are almost endless. Lasershot

INDOOR TEAM OLYMPICS, be it the work place, sports hall or hotel banqueting suite Nintendo Wii, Xbox Kinect and Playstation projected on to our 6′ screens with themed surrounds of Mario & Sonic at the 2012 London Olympics are ideal for the centre piece activities. The new Olympic games soon to be available on the Nintendo Wii are sensational; equestrian, beach volley ball, badminton, cycling, gymnastics and soccer with the already incredibly popular field, track and aquatic challenges, participants and spectators alike will not be able to stop themselves from having an amazing time. AND THEY DON’T EVEN NEED TO BE ATHLETIC! Of course it helps to have good hand to eye co-ordination but the Wii is especially user friendly allowing a level playing field for both the novice and the experienced.

Depending on your numbers in attendance – we can cater for just a few or hundreds – participants can also compete on  a multitude of other sporting games with excellent costumed instructors and adjudicators. Giant Table Soccer (8 player and 12′ long!), standard Table Soccer, Laser Shot, Twin Shot Basketball, Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Skittles, Curling, Archery, Crossbow (soft tip) and a great slant on Javelin, Shot and Discus.

THE OLYMPIADS CHALLENGE. Not just a quiz but a host of indoor team challenges to choose from. First off each team is required to make up the name of their own country then will need to design and create their national flag that will be placed in the centre of their table. With a further mix of quiz, creative, mind and physical challenges this is certainly an event for your Olympic wish list.

School/Olympic Sports Day OUTDOOR TEAM OLYMPICS including Sack, Egg & Spoon, Stilts, Wheelbarrow, Skipping and 3-Legged races; Javelin, Archery & Crossbow, Discus (Frisbee), Shot-Put, Welly Wanging, Soccer and a Netball Shootout, may also be adapted to an Olympic Games theme. Add an Olympic Quiz sheet and ‘Javelin Construct & Fly’ challenge for extra spice!(Simple? but it has to fly straight, far and true!)

With so much variety on offer there is no reason your Olympic themed event cannot be for just an hour or as much as a few days – for conference energiser and break out sessions to continue in the evening and even the next day!