Traditional Pub, Giant and Arcade Games

Air Hockey Image giant-table-soccer

Events 2 Impress offer a range of fun and challenging traditional games for even greater events and we have just added 8 player Giant Table Soccer to our compendium of giant games too. So many to choose from there has to be something for everyone. Other games include Table Soccer, Air Hockey, Twin Shot Basketball, 9 pin Skittle Alley, Table Top Skittles, Shove Ha’Penny, Darts, Golf Putting Machine, Pool and Snooker.

Table Soccer

Additional giant games in stock are Giant Four-in-a-Row (Connect Four), Giant Jenga, Giant Kerplunk, Giant Twister, Giant Snakes and Ladders, Giant Ludo, Long Putt, Crazy Velcro Golf Chipping and Target Putt with our very own selection of crazee table top games.

funfair-sideshow If that is not enough we have a variety of funfair sideshows that are suitable for most in and out door venues. Hoop La, Ball Roll Down, Darts, Ball in a Jar (or bucket), Tin Can Alley, Hook a Duck and Cork Shooting Gallery.

Our Games Compendium’s are highly flexible and may include a selection of these and other activities. The dance pads and laser shooting are especially popular with a variety of these games as is the Nintendo Wii of course.On the Playstation is probably the ultimate in 8 player quiz games – Buzz and with the special wireless remote controls is so easy to navigate around. With 6′ screens and the themed surrounds they are great centre-pieces.

Giant Operation Giant Operation

The life size 3D patient awaits you on the operating table. First you need to operate on his funny bone, then his Adams apple, work your way up and down the patient removing the offending parts. Beware, if you touch the sides his pain will be excruciating and he will scream out, you get three chances and then you are struck off!