DVD / Video Horse Racing Nights – A Grand Night at the Races

Video / DVD Race Night

The Sport of Kings & Queens

The Events 2 Impress corporate race evening / day is professionally presented with the emphasis on fun by one of our team of accomplished actors/m.c.’s ably assisted by his colourful bookies runners. A fast moving event, suitable for either team or individual play, it will certainly excite your guests bringing them to their feet whilst shouting and cheering their nags horses home.The horse race theme is further enhanced with our 8′ screen with horse racing themed surround, additional authentic Horse Racing backdrops, winners posts, chalk boards and colourful cut out horse and jockeys.

Your bookie explains that racing is beamed in live via satellite and the audience is being filmed and sent back to the track so the louder they cheer the faster their horse will run! He organises that each team / player receives a race programme and thousands of pounds of fun money to bet with.

Video / DVD horse racing backdrop At the start of each race the form guide is given and the bookie announces the odds and has them marked up on the chalkboard. The bets are made, the horses are at the starting line and ……. they’re off! At the end of each race winners are paid out and we are ready for the next race!

Should the satellite break down; don’t panic because we can arrange for a very special race to be beamed in via a substitute – it’s a live pig race complete with knitted jockeys. The favourite is Lester Piglet but watch out for Miss Piggy – she’s a real sizzler!

This great horse race event is a sure fired winner in raising money for your adopted charity too.

Gold Cup Horse Race Nights

An energetic and impressive 4-player game, make sure your batteries are fully charged before you mount up on your hobby horse. Under starters orders and you’re off, as you gallop on the spot your mechanical horse will wend its way across the game table.       The Gold Cup

Hobby Horse Racing

horse-race-3 Using a mix of giant dice and playing cards to decide which mount gallops how far down the giant playing grid our fun jockey girls and guys will lead you a merry race! First past the winning post wins but it may not be a straight forward gallop with JOKERS on the way down you may have to pay the forfeit!         Question or forfeit – get it right or fall at the next jump! Complete with Horse Racing themed backdrops.

I fluffy pig racing

Fluffy Pig Racing

You have to see it to believe it! Eight battery operated fluffy pigs snorting and waddling their way down the race track.

Pick your pig, chalk the name you choose up on the themed chalk board, turn your pig on – they’re under starters orders and they’re off. Don’t be tempted to tickle or touch it; you’ll be instantly disquealified.

Our Race Steward will take charge from the start and his/her decision is final – don’t even think of appealing to the jockey club. Betting with fun money is the norm but this can also be done for charity.

Mechanical Camel, Donkey or Reindeer Derby

8 players to this exciting challenge, the jockeys (guests) roll balls down the chute and if they successfully drop them through the holes their horses will carry on moving along the track. Speed is of the essence as is accuracy. Sound effects and commentary have to be heard to be appreciated. Only the best will win. Donkey,Camel or Reindeer Derby

All these race themed games work incredibly well either individually, with each other or with a collection of our other games and activities including ‘Millionaire Mayhem’.