Themed & Fun Casino Nights – Millionaire Mayhem

Las Vegas Backdrop Roulette

A Themed Fun Casino Night – possibly the most versatile and enjoyable participative entertainment. Whatever the event, whatever the purpose a themed fun casino has a special bit of magic. It has been around for 30 years and will still be here in another 30. Why? because it has successfully entertained hundreds of thousands if not millions of people – whether charity fund raising, corporate, wedding or social events. At Events 2 Impress we know we have the edge. Realistically priced we provide top quality equipment with skilled fun croupiers and event managers who are passionate in ensuring your guests have a night to remember!

Appreciating that so many have enjoyed the excitement of the spinning Roulette wheel, roll of the dice and turn of the cards we offer a choice of theme casino, a fresh mix of games or a combination of both with our Million Mayhem. A great twist to the original fun casino theme.

19 Las Vegas, Gangster, Western and James Bond – we have a selection of themed backdrops, props and dining table centres that will WOW you and your guests. Add to that any of our other games and activities that we will play for fun money too and you have a Millionaire Mayhem!

Las Vegas BackdropFor example your night could comprise a Quiz between dinner courses, followed by a Giant Nintendo Wii, 6-lanes Scalextric and DVD / Video Horse Racing all in conjunction with the Fun Casino. For something a little less intense perhaps the Fun Casino with the 4-lanes Scalextric and a few Giant Games and/or Traditional Pub Games: Darts, 9-pins Skittle Alley, Giant Connect Four and Giant Kerplunk.Lasershot Laser Shot, Fluffy Pig Racing and the Horse Racing Gold Cup are great additions too.

The HotspotA prize is usually presented to the person/s accumulating the most amounts of chips and fun money and spot prizes may be given to guests along the way.

Interested in our Fun Casino Nights and Themed Casino Nights? Whether for a private or corporate function, give our team a call on 0161 761 3737 today to discuss your requirements.