Christmas Party Entertainment

The Christmas Party Entertainment season is looming, we have a variety of great events to offer, some Christmas themed and others that are great fun all year round!

Your Christmas Party Entertainment may include our unique themed fun fair sideshows 100_1352
Santa Hoop-La – Ball in a Santa – Knock Down Santa

together with other themed games -

Splat the Santa (rat) – Fairy Skittle Alley – Darts for the Elves
A very Merry Christmas will be had by all!

The Christmas Party Quiz is a proven success including
Q & A rounds – What Happened Next, Observation and even a Boxing Day Video Horse Race-
as well as fun Christmas Party style challenges; many new for 2012! 000_0050
Get Santa out of Here – Giant Santa Hoop-La – Reindeer Creations –
Mini Christmas Tree and/or Cake Decorating
With a couple of extras– Santa’s Snow Dance or the Reindeer Shuffle and
the Xmas Pressie Conveyor Belt we can organise your unforgettable Christmas Party Generation Game!

Another great favourite is the mechanical Donkey Derby, a highly visual and exciting game for players and spectators alike but substitute the donkeys for the more seasonal Reindeer.

One must not forget the famed Themed Fun Casino, Video Horse Racing and our Millionaire Mayhem events either, they all go down a storm all year round.

Hot news from Nintendo!
Mid-November sees Nintendo Wii launching ‘Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games’ and is already in demand for Christmas Parties. It will have an astonishing selection of new challenges; equestrian, beach volley ball, badminton, cycling, gymnastics and soccer with the already incredibly popular field, track and aquatic games. Mix this up with the winter sports games and/or a musical game too and what a night both the players and spectators will have. Just look at our amazing 6’ screens with themed surrounds.