Indoor Laser Shooting, Giant Scalextric Hire and more

We hire a range of team games and activities for your party or event, including the ever popular Indoor Laser Shooting games and Giant Scalextric Hire! Read on!

Laser Shot – Indoor Laser Shooting

Laser Shot – the ultimate indoor laser shooting game using either rifle or hand gun with no fewer than 15 target games to choose from. Clay Shooting, Wild West Shooting Gallery, Pheasant, Dove or Quail shoot, field targets, speed and timing trainer are a few of the games, they are great for competition or just for fun. Theme it James Bond 007, Gangster, Western or just keep it plain and simple. Lasershot

fluffy pig racing Fluffy Pig Racing

8 pink fluffy pigs grunting, snorting and waddling their way down the themed track. Battery operated so not much hard work for the guests but they have to cheer their selection to the winning post. No touching though or you may be disqualified.

Giant Scalextric 6 lane circuit

Giant Scalextric Hire

4 and 6 lane Giant Scalextric available for hire, from 8’ to 15’ long with digital lap counters, track decoration and a selection of cars. Themed backdrops and props available.

Mechanical Camel, Donkey or Reindeer Derby Donkey,Camel or Reindeer Derby

8 players for this exciting challenge, the jockeys (guests) roll balls down the chute and if they successfully drop them through the holes their horses will carry on moving along the track. Speed is of the essence and so is the accuracy. Sound effects and commentary are great.

Remote Control Diggers

great skill is required to drive your mechanical digger from one end of the track to the other and back again. Oh yes! At the far end is the gravel pit, here you have to fill up the bucket to make your way to the finish and empty in to the scales. A terrific team building game.

If you’d like to book any of the above games such as the indoor laser shooting, fluffy pig racing or arrange for the 4 or 6 lanes scalextric hire, give us a call today on 0161 761 3737.